Thursday, April 16, 2015

Day 106

Today's prompt is SUNSET.  This was taken with my DSLR in S. Florida on our spring break trip.  I have already posted one version of this photo.

boat horizontal

vertical boat web

Day 105

Today is my birthday!!!  #love

Here I am with my 3 loves.  JC took our picture.  He brought home a giant balloon bouquet and GiGi's cupcakes! :)

birthday with kids 41

Day 104


So happy that the buds on our tulip tree have finally opened.


I wanted to post something a little different.  I intentionally went blurry here.

And just because that is also so random, here is another shot of B from this weekend.

B blocking up web

Day 103


This one has been the hardest for me so far...I just couldn't really find anything interesting to capture.


So here is a photo I took at B's game today:

B snipe full copy


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