Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day 234

Our boys helped with the Challenger games at Regionals...


Day 233

During a pitching change, the umps dance to YMCA

DSC_3243 copy

DSC_3244 copy

DSC_3245 copy

DSC_3250 copy

Day 232

Game 3 Regionals against West Virginia.  We win 17-1.

B makes an amazing foul ball....

JC and B 2'

JC and B on field

Day 231

Brothers and Sisters

DSC_2628 copy

Day 230

Praying before the Florida game...

DSC_2573 copy

Day 229

DSC_2647 copy

DSC_2649 copy

Day 228

2nd Regional Game against Florida.  We win 6-2.

DSC_2635 copy

My B hit his only home run of the Regional Tournament in this game...

Day 227

1st Regional game against Georgia.  We lost 5-3 which would ultimately curse us.

DSC_2384 copy

DSC_2423 copy

This loss would prove to be the only loss of the All-Star season.

Day 226

Southeast Regional Banquet at the Warner Robins AFB Museum

inside by jet


Midnight Train

Day 225

I posted out of order.  Here are some photos of the NC Championship...

banner copy

Team with banner by scoreboard

JCH 17 web

team banner with Barry web

Day 224

Opening Ceremonies

DSC_2120 copy

DSC_2126 copy

DSC_2090 copy

Day 223

Team at Regionals

Team photo copy

Day 222

Team Hotel in Warner Robins, GA for Southeast Regionals

Day 221


Day 220

rose of sharon

Day 219

DSC_0907 copy

DSC_0909 copy

DSC_0911 copy

DSC_0912 copy

Day 218

DSC_0213 copy

Day 218

DSC_0429 copy

Day 217

DSC_0425 copy

Day 216

DSC_0421 copy

DSC_0422 copy

Day 215

DSC_0552 copy

Day 214

DSC_0581 copy

Day 213

DSC_0524 copy
My B so happy on 1st base...Greenville, NC
DSC_0525 copy

Day 212

DSC_0515 copy
State Championship game

DSC_0517 copy

Day 211

DSC_0162 copy

Day 210

Jack and Olivia graduation

Day 209

Team USA meeting

Day 208

short jack
Look how tall that guy is!!!!!

Day 207

fight jack

Day 206


Day 205

Team USA walk in


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